All volunteers at HOTWCSD share a desire and commitment to promote and serve the club within the Austin dance community, greeting and assisting members and visitors, weekly classes, special workshops and other events sponsored or promoted by the club.

Officers (elected)

  • Ken Ramsey
    • Presides over the monthly Board of Directors meeting
    • Schedules dance events in advance with Go Dance studio
    • Prepares applications for City of Austin Cultural Arts Grant funding
    • Coordinates publicity for dance events
    • Invites professional dance instructors for events
    • In addition to Treasurer, authorizes checks
  • Currently Vacant
    Vice President
    • Assumes all responsibilities of the president when needed
    • Assists in other functions of the club
  • Currently Vacant
    • Prepares meeting agenda in cooperation with the President
    • Creates minutes of monthly Board meeting
  • Currently Vacant
    Membership Chairperson
    • Maintains current record of all members' contact information
    • Adds new members to club roster and database
    • Advises members of renewals pending
    • Welcomes dancers attending for the first or second time, and introduces them to other members
  • Nancy Ramsey
    • Tracks and reports to the Board on club finances
    • Collects and deposits cash and checks from member dues and admissions
    • Makes payments to Go Dance for facility rental
    • Pays dance instructors and DJs as needed
    • Processes credit card payments
    • Renews annual insurance
  • Farideh Kermani
    • Facilitates admissions at dance events
    • Provides new members with membership card
    • Processes credit card transactions at events
    • Assists with printing and distribution of brochures
  • Guity Kermani
    • Assists treasurer when needed, as a former treasurer
    • Helps with admissions and greets visitors
  • Sharrone Smith
    • Performs DJ role as needed to select and play dance music
    • Consults with dance instructors and other DJs for the club
    • Keeps the Board informed of other dance events
    • Makes recommendations for dance themes and performances

Appointed Positions

  • Ken Ramsey
    DJ Coordinator
    • Responsible for providing social dance music
    • Helps identify Guest DJs
  • Ken Ramsey
    Publicity Coordinator
    • Emails dance event announcements using Mail Chimp messaging
    • Creates Facebook and other dance announcements
  • Eddie Fann
    Website Coordinator​
    • Maintains the HOTWCSD website, database and server
    • Provides technical support for website functions
    • Displays dance event announcements
    • Publishes pictures and videos of club events
  • Jo Zarboulas
    ​Document Consultant
    • Assists preparation of brochures
    • Helps grant application narratives
    • Advises on written descriptions for documentation