HOTWCSD Objectives and Goals

The Heart of Texas West Coast Swing Dancers (HOTWCSD) was established in 1989 to promote, preserve, and teach the West Coast Swing and Traditional Whip dance. Since then Whip and West Coast Swing dancing have blended into the current West Coast Swing dance style. Believing that it is important to preserve the heritage of two unique American dances, as well as provide fun social dancing, HOTWCSD has the following objectives and goals:

  • Objective 1: to provide a friendly, energetic and supportive environment where members and guests may share a love for swing dancing and pursue individual dancing goals.
    • Goal 1: Greet and welcome all members and guests to Club functions, and help them become part of the group.
    • Goal 2: Be encouraging to dancers of all levels as they learn new techniques and skills.
    • Goal 3: Avoid instructing, critiquing, or dancing above the level of your partner on the social dance floor.
  • Objective 2: to teach West Coast Swing dancing at regular meetings for members and guests who want to learn basic skills and for those who want to advance their dancing skills.
    • Goal 1: Provide regular beginning level instruction for West Coast Swing.
    • Goal 2: Provide regular intermediate and advanced level instruction for West Coast Swing.
    • Goal 3: Encourage all dancers to use private instruction to improve their dancing skill.
  • Objective 3: to promote West Coast Swing dancing in the community through periodic workshops, special events, and performances.
    • Goal 1: Host periodic workshops open to the public and conducted by nationally and other well known experts in West Coast Swing dancing.
    • Goal 2: Host special dances and events open to the public throughout the year.
  • Objective 4: to perpetuate the heritage of Texas Whip dancing and West Coast Swing dancing, the only American derived dance art form.
    • Goal 1: Conduct occasional special lessons and workshops that teach the unique features of Texas Whip dancing.
    • Goal 2: Emphasize West Coast Swing Dancing in weekly lessons, periodic workshops and occasional dances.
    • Goal 3: Show the evolution of modern West Coast Swing (blending of Texas Whip and West Coast Swing) through public performances and workshops.